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Anne Loree
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"Slipper didn't fit, but I sure got a good song out of it!"

by Anne Loree

When I was growing up in the 70s in small town Ontario I often felt like Cinderella (before the glory days). Being the middle sibling of two brothers who were geniuses at teasing their sister and being a tad on the sensitive side in general, I began to neglect my Toronto Conservatory and Carly Simon Piano books as I worked out my teenage pain and angst by writing songs. Many of those first songs, as I recall, had 'climb every mountain..forge every stream'  type themes because everybody knows that at the end of the rainbow there was a ticket to the ball. (Oh great, now Julie Andrews and Dorothy are in the story!)


My ticket was getting into Humber College's Music Program in Toronto where I studied the craft of composing and arranging and got to perform some of my own songs at noon hour concerts. ( I also learned how to party, but that's another story.) After Humber, I packed up my bag of tunes and headed west to Calgary and became what every female artist is destined to be. A waitress. Little did I know Prince Charmings are found in the least likely places and mine was a chef in the restaurant where I was working at the time. The slipper didn't fit  however, so one day I sat down at my electric piano in the basement of a rented house I shared with four roommates, broke and broken hearted, full of pain and angst, and wrote "Insensitive". It took me probably less than half an hour and I walked away feeling much better for it and much hipper to Prince Charmings who aren't really into you. Little did I know the tale wouldn't end there. I was performing "Insensitive" in a club not long after, and  Jann Arden and her manager at the time, Neil McGonigill  dropped by, heard it, pitched it to their record company, made a deal with Polygram, someone waved a magic wand and I became one astonished and grateful Cindy. Jann's version of 'Insensitive" became a number one hit in Canada and Australia, charted in the US and has had and still has intensive airplay internationally. I was able to pay off a  student loan, get some dental work done, buy a little house and develop my own home studio.


Now that I'm all grown up in Calgary Alberta, I still often feel like Cinderella (after the glory days)  and being still a tad on the sensitive side, I often neglect  my recording  and  performing career and sit down to work out my pain and angst on the piano. I keep writing songs. And some of these songs have 'climb every mountain, forge every stream' type themes. Because who knows.. at the end of the rainbow there might be a ticket to another ball.