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"I'm very proud of Big Words, as I feel the music is a spawn of many hours in my basement studio editing, re-editing- and- although the songs have come out of a very difficult time in my life, I feel them transcending me to the next phase of my journey. Songs are like that. Plus!- it sounds great on my car stereo!"

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Leicester Bangs review - "Lyrically, she isn't pulling any punches..."

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Big Words

copyright Anne Loree Productions 2011
All songs written, recorded and produced by Anne Loree mixed by Anne Loree and Gary Bird Mastered by Dave Horrocks at Infinite Waves except Ormstown recorded and mixed by Danny Patton at Airwaves Graphic design by Sacha Keifer Photography by Sandi Somers Color by Dave Horrocks

Guest Musicians

Diane Couch on bass all songs except Steve Pineo on Ormstown and Robbie Robot on Makeover
Kris Demeanor as background singer Relapse Different Light Timing is Everything Big Words Oxymoron Also on distorted guitar Big Words
Natasha Stoesser as background singer Relapse Makeover Oxymoron
Jonathan Lewis on violin and viola Different Light Makeover Oxymoron
Gary Bird on mandola Makeover on slide guitar and mandola Big words on slide guitar and voice over Send
Chantal Vitalis on distorted guitar Relapse
Clea Roddick as background singer Relapse
Ron Casat on organ Timing is Everything
Steve Pineo on electric guitar Ormstown
Danny Patton on tambourine Ormstown
Peter Clarke as voice over Send


Musical guests

Natasha Stoesser, Kris Demeanor, Gary Bird, Morag Northey-Taylor, Sandi Somers, Corinne Cornish, Chantal Vitalis, Robin Tuft, Allen Baekland, Diane Couch, Peter Moller, Brigette Dajczer

  • In Your Shoes
  • Hot
  • My name is Gloria
  • Little Pesky Troubles
  • eBay Junkie
  • Angels
  • Changing
  • You Remind me
  • Tracks of My Tears
  • Bob Says
  • All the Butterflies
  • Your Court Now
  • Front Porch light

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"Those who only know Anne Loree as the author of Jann Arden's mega-hit Insensitive are missing out on a profound body of wit and wisdom from one of Canada's finest songwriters. Loree has a unique ability to distill intensely personal observations into profound universal truths and insights while wrapping them up in catchy, hook-laden packages. Her meticulously crafted lyrics and melodies prop up robust beauty with a delicate strength and an ever-present sense of humour. Any of her live appearances will confirm this." MD Stewart

  • Find Your Thing
  • Jaimie
  • Radical Hair
  • When I Hear the Who
  • Fortune Cookie
  • Catch the Next Wave
  • Greener
  • The Wider Road
  • You're Still Here
  • Over the Hill
  • James Dean
  • There Will always Be

Available off-stage.

The Mullet Years - 2005

Anne Loree songs written and recorded between 1985 and 1990 and digitally re-mastered. Includes "You got the Icing", "Someday" and "Girls and Clothes". Great playing, great fun! Get in touch with your inner mullet and crank it up!

  • My Ego has a Broken Heart
  • The Scene
  • You Got the Icing
  • New Kind of Love
  • Someday
  • Where There's a Will
  • Elevator Man
  • You're So Artistic
  • Crucify Me
  • Girls and Clothes

roAr - 2002

This CD has fifteen beautiful songs consisting of brave and insightful ballads and rockin' environmental and politically edged commentaries. It's an evocative recording of stylized vocals, multi instrumentation and powerful lyrics.

  • money at stake
  • polyester
  • like a hole
  • my old gang
  • trippy hippy song
  • beauty
  • not for sale
  • passion
  • bus stop
  • monkey see
  • dear mrs. moss
  • wants
  • look at me ma
  • roAr
  • turn your heart up

Available off-stage.


Anne Loree's debut CD is a collection of 13 poignant and personal original songs. In "beyond cinderella" the Juno-nominated songwriter proves her ability to bridge the personal and the universal through her insight, economy of expression and irony.

The CD is produced in part by Jann Arden's guitarist, Russell Broom, with guest performances by James Keelaghan and Tariq.

  • February
  • She
  • Ironband
  • On the Verge
  • Liberty
  • Mockingbird
  • Had to Lose it
  • Starlight Starbright
  • Insensitive
  • Second Chances
  • Elevator man
  • Freedom Calling
  • Closet Years

Available off-stage.