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Positive and Negative Space

Hey there, welcome to my space! And it's a positive one indeed. Been all over the map this winter with different musical projects. I feel like a hummingbird! I'm still working on my collection of interesting covers. Just TOO MANY good songs! Keep changing my mind... ugh. Focus! NOW I have an Anne Loree new song collection started (3 songs in). AND I've decided to put together a 12 song compilation of my favourite tracks on my last 4 CDs. Having lots of fun, but looking forward to sharing some of these (grrr-completed) projects with you my friends. FOCUS!

Speaking of sharing, I have been putting up some paintings on Facebook from time to time and here are a couple of newer ones. Grapefruit and Bicycle in the Sun. They are both an exercises in negative space. Leaving out the white (or almost white) to create light. The little Bicycle was actually a study from another water-colour so I cannot take credit for the composition. Just the work. It was hard AND fun.

And that's life I guess. Hard AND fun. Time to get to work. FOCUS Anne!

Happy Easter from the hummingbird.


Anne in studio
Anne in home studio
Anne's breakfast
Blue bicycle
Tiny Skier